How much does it cost to buy and install new high efficiency furnace in Toronto?

Many homeowners never think about purchasing and installing new high efficiency furnace in their Toronto and GTA home until their old furnace breaks or stops producing enough heat. Typically homeowners experience problems with their furnaces during cold winter days when you are less expecting the issue. When your furnace goes down and it is minus temperate outside, as a homeowner you do not have much time to shop around and look for a new high efficiency furnace while your house is freezing and there is a chance of your pipes bursting due to cold.

Installation and purchase of high efficiency furnace can vary in price from one company to another but as a homeowner you need to know some facts before letting anybody upgrade your furnace in Toronto and GTA. If somebody promises you installation of high efficiency furnace for very cheap in Toronto, below market price value, make sure you are dealing with a professional and licensed installation company and there is no catch. To attract customers, some companies and private installers use a technique of average installation cost, however when they arrive at your home, number of extra installation costs arise during the installation itself. If your home is freezing and technician is already there, most likely you will agree to paying extra costs just to get your home warm again. Moreover, you might come across technicians whose licenses expired or were never issued in the first place, which can later cause you a Red Tag by your local gas utility due to improper installation. After calling the technician or company who replaced your furnace you might find out that they are no longer in business or unavailable and as a homeowner you will be responsible for even more costs to fix the issue. More headache, comes if you were promised government rebate for your high efficiency furnace which was never qualified for it in the first place or due to technician’s expired license it will never be issued to you. As a homeowner you need to know these facts before the installation and ensure that you are dealing with a legit and licensed technician and installation company.

If you ever face yourself in a situation where your furnace breaks in the middle of the winter or you simply require an upgrade or replacement to a new high efficiency furnace in Toronto and GTA, ensure to call professionals. Buying and installing new furnace in Toronto is one problem that homeowners face but servicing it after the installation can lead to more problems if it was not installed properly in the first place.

Do not throw your money away, consult with professionals and get a fair opinion on upgrading to a high efficiency furnace in Toronto and GTA.

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