New Ultra High Efficiency Commercial Water Heater from Rheem

Commercial Water Heater from Rheem SPIDERfire.

Water Heater Direct Home OntarioRheem has expanded its SPIDERfire® line of ultra high efficiency condensing commercial Water Heater from Rheem to include new 80-gallon capacity models, which complement the line’s existing offering of 100-gallon units. The SPIDERfire series is ideal for commercial settings that need an efficient way to heat a high volume of water throughout the day, such as restaurants, laundromats, hotels, schools and many other businesses.

Measuring 26.25 inches in diameter and 69.625 inches tall, the 80-gallon Rheem SPIDERfire units make fast and easy commercial installations a reality. They have Btu input rates from 130,000 to 300,000 Btu/h. The units operate between 92 and 97 percent thermal efficiency. The 300,000 Btu/h model can deliver up to 391 gallons of hot water in one hour, and can recover its contents in just 14 minutes.

“With the addition of the 80-gallon models to the popular SPIDERfire line, it gives our commercial customers with demanding daily hot water needs another highly efficient water heating option,” said Ron Johnson, Rheem commercial water heating product manager. “Our customers are voicing a strong need for more energy efficient commercial water heaters that don’t sacrifice performance. The SPIDERfire series meets both needs.”

Rheem is one of two manufacturers in the United States producing commercial condensing water heaters in an 80-gallon capacity. The Rheem SPIDERfire model is the only 80-gallon commercial unit that can reach a maximum temperature setting of 185 degrees Fahrenheit; the competitive product reaches a maximum temperature setting of only 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

How it works: The heart of the SPIDERfire is its patented, multi-leg, triple-pass heat exchanger: a series of connected elongated tubes immersed in the water tank. A burner at the top of the Rheem SPIDERfire generates combustion gases, which are then blown down a large main flue. The gases then traverse through the elongated tubes two more times, extracting as much heat energy as possible. By the end of the cycle, the temperature of the flue gases drops to between 110 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit and is cool enough for condensation to begin.

Fast, Low-Cost Installation: Because SPIDERfire delivers more heat to the water, less heat goes up the vent. The cooler flue gases permit venting through low-cost, two-, three- or four-inch plastic piping, which greatly speeds up installation time. In addition, SPIDERfire’s factory-installed exhaust riser conveniently vents at the top of the unit, so contractors don’t have to spend time constructing a bulky side riser. The unit also features hot and cold inlets and outlets on both the front and rear, which gives contractors even more installation options.

Easy Maintenance: SPIDERfire features a new diagnostic system, which includes an LCD display. The system enables installers and technicians to easily monitor key functions of the unit and components. The display includes a scrollable, operational history to detail usage patterns and assist with troubleshooting.

Other key features of the Rheem SPIDERfire series include: ** Power Vent or Power Direct Vent: The unit can be installed as a power vent or power direct vent product. The power direct vent is a good choice in instances where negative air pressure or indoor air quality are potential issues. ** Advanced Burner Design: Rheem enlarged the burner’s surface area, which yields smoother ignition and quieter operation. ** Direct Spark-to-Pilot Ignition: This unit’s ignition starts the pilot only when there’s a call for heat. This is an energy-saving option, since the pilot burner isn’t constantly running when there’s no demand for hot water. ** Corrosion Protection: The unit’s triple-pass heat exchanger tubes are coated inside and out with a specially formulated porcelain enamel, which is designed to protect the unit against corrosion.

About Rheem https://www.rheem.com

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