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Keep Your Furnace Warranty Valid

A furnace warranty is provided by any reputable HVAC contractor to cover parts and labour for a minimum of one year after installation. If you experience a problem within the first year of installation then you’re in luck because it is likely covered by your furnace warranty. HVAC companies typically provide a furnace warranty for one year after installation, but an extended warranty of up to ten years can usually be purchased from the contractor. Furnace manufacturers have moved past providing Read More...

Need new furnace

Are you looking for a new furnace ? DeMark Home Ontario installs and services heating and air conditioning systems in Ontario. When your heating system becomes old and inefficient it is the time to look for a new furnace.  If you are looking for a furnace but not sure of the brand, model and efficiency level we are here to help you make the right decision. Our heating experts specialize in the servicing and installation of the heating and cooling Read More...

Enbridge Warning Tag

An Enbridge warning tag, often called a red tag, is put on a water heater or furnace by a licensed technician to show that the piece of equipment is no longer safe to operate. The most common reason for a furnace or water heater to receive an Enbridge warning tag is because of a carbon monoxide leak. If a licensed technician detects that there is a defective heat exchanger then they are obligated to place an Enbridge warning tag on Read More...

Furnace rental cost

Furnace rental cost is often a major factor when homeowners choose a rental program, so it’s important to know the variables that go into determining this cost. Typically, furnace rental cost can vary between the prices of $49.99 and $89.99 per month with contract terms being either 7 years, 10 years, or 15 years. The majority of furnace rental programs do not require any sort of down payment or additional installation cost. When choosing a rental program you should look Read More...

Understanding Furnace Efficiency

Furnace Efficiency Level in today’s heating equipment is much higher than those manufactured 20 years ago. New Furnace Efficiency levels these days are all High Efficiency of 90% and higher due to the new technology and features that have emerged in the HVAC industry in recent years. All new furnaces that are being installed these days are mandatory to have efficiency rating of at least 90 % AFUE as per the Canadian Federal Government requirements. So what does the Furnace Efficiency Read More...

Furnace replacement features

When in the market for a furnace replacement - look for these features in the new equipment Are you ready for a furnace replacement but not sure where to start? At DeMark Home Ontario we have recommendations that will help you make the right choice and keep your home comfortable during the winter season. Energy Efficiency Rating Furnace replacement should start with selecting a furnace with High Efficiency Rating. Heating our homes is the biggest portion of our energy bills particularly during Read More...

Furnace Quote

Get furnace quote today Select your equipment Selecting the right furnace for your home is an important decision in keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter season. When getting a furnace quote trust professionals at DeMark Home Ontario for an expert advice. Our experts will help you in choosing a high efficiency gas furnace that is the right size and efficiency (AFUE) for your home. Receive furnace quote To receive quote simply fill out our Furnace quote form on this page Read More...

Should you buy furnace this season?

Is it Time to buy furnace? Furnaces live an average of 18-20 years, depending on if you had it professionally maintained or not. If your old furnace starting to breakdown and is costing you significant repair amounts then it may be a time to buy furnace that is a high efficiency model. How efficient is your furnace? Your furnace's Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating tells you how efficient it is. AFUE is a gas furnace’s efficiency rating, represented in a percentage, range from 57 Read More...

Signs that you may need furnace replacement

There are number of signs homeowners need to pay attention when it comes down to failing furnaces and a time for a furnace replacement. Average lifespan of a furnace is 15-20 years and if you are not sure of the exact age of your heating equipment look on the label for the installation date. If you r furnace is 15 years or more don’t wait for the inevitable equipment failure. Plan for a furnace replacement in advance so that you Read More...

How to choose a new HVAC system

When it comes down to choosing a new HVAC system there are several factors to consider. Firstly, new HVAC system needs to be properly sized for your home. You don’t want to choose an HVAC system that is too big and too small; you need the right size equipment for the most efficient operation. Secondly, you need to select the right efficiency level of a new HVAC system. High Efficiency Air conditions come in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) and can Read More...
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Notice for Power Vent Water Heater Customers

Effective August 2007, gas code requires technicians working on venting to replace black ABS vent pipe with white UL-certified vent pipe.

We will upgrade your venting pipes at no additional cost.

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