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What is the Average Air Conditioner Price in Ontario?

Before you purchase or rent an air conditioner you’d want to know if the air conditioner price you’ll be paying is reasonable, so we’ll help you to best understand how companies arrive at their price.

The questions of an “average or “typical” air conditioner price is an odd one. This is almost the same as asking what the average price of a car or a home is. There are too many variables that go into determining the air conditioner price for one to state that there is an average price. Although, to answer this question I am comfortable with saying is that the average air conditioner price is somewhere between $2800 and $4800. Of course, there are many outliers who are not within this range. There are certain air conditioners which sell for less than $2000 and others which exceed $7000 in price. As previously stated, there are many variables that must be considered when determining an air conditioner price and we can help you learn about understanding these variables.

Ontario Air conditioner priceAir conditioner size – BTUs

Prior to purchasing or renting an air conditioner you would need to know the air conditioner size that your home needs. To determine the size of air conditioner that you need your home size would need to be measured in BTUs. BTUs are essentially the amount of heat that the AC can remove from your home in a single hour and its measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). This measurement is often referred to as “tons”, but it should not be confused with tonnes as it is not a measurement of weight. If you have a larger home you will need a larger air conditioner to accomodate for its size. An air conditioner being larger does not necessarily make it better. It is best to have an air conditioner that is sized correctly for your home rather than one that’s too big. An oversized air conditioner will turn off and on again constantly, which wastes lots of energy. To add on, an oversized furnace is likely to burn out or breakdown prematurely due to the incorrect sizing. A system that is too small is also ineffective as it will need to work very hard to cool your home and will virtually never turn off.

Air conditioner efficiency ratings – SEER and EER

The best air conditioners are those that are the most energy efficient which also makes them the most cost efficient to use. An air conditioner’s efficiency level is determined using its energy efficiency ratio (EER) and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER).

Understanding SEER ratings

The AC unit’s SEER is determined by taking the cooling output in the winter season and dividing this by the electric output during the winter season. A higher SEER rating indicates that an air conditioner is more efficient. Canadian law mandates that all new air conditioners should have a SEER rating of at least 13. Homeowners who transitioned from inefficient AC units to 13 SEER units increased their home’s efficiency by 30 percent. If you have an air conditioner in your home with a SEER rating less than 13 we suggest that it be changed to a high efficiency model. High SEER models do mean a higher air conditioner cost, but you will save money in the long run due to a decrease in your monthly utilities.

Understanding EER ratings

The EER is calculated by taking the rate of cooling in BTUs/hour and dividing this by the rate of energy inputs in watts at a certain temperature. In other words, this can be written as BTUH/WATT at dry bulb (db) vs. wet bulb (wb) temperatures. The best rating for an air conditioning unit is considered t be 80db/67wb inside and 95db/75wb outside.

What determines the cost of air conditioning installation?

Installation costs for air conditioners also vary depending on quite a few factors. Central air conditioners must be installed by an HVAC professional which means hiring someone for the job is necessary. This installation cannot be done yourself because handling refrigerant can be dangerous. A professional HVAC technician will have all of the permits and licences necessary for completing this installation. The rate that an HVAC technician will charge is based on the complexity of the job and how much work needs to be done to install the AC unit. An air conditioning installation can involve additional ductwork as well as additional materials which are necessary and will increase the price.

Single stage vs. two stage air conditioners

The efficiency rating is not the only factor which determines the air conditioner price. The type of air conditioner you purchase, either single stage or two stage, also plays a part in its price. High efficiency air conditioners typically come with two stage functionality. This means that they can regulate their speed instead of constantly operating at one speed, like a one stage AC. Two stage AC’s have a low and high speed, so that it works less when it can and harder when it needs to. When it is humid, but not hot, the AC will run at a low speed which dehumidifies the home without making it too cold. The added comfort and efficiency that a two stage air conditioner brings makes these units more expensive and desirable.

Are you getting what your money’s worth?

When you’re making an investment into a new AC unit it’s important to know that you’re getting what you paid for. You would want the work that is done to compensate for the total air conditioner price. Almost any technician can install a unit and have it blow cold air, but not every technician does their job to ensure adequate performance for years to come. Determining the quality and longevity of the equipment and installation can be determined in several ways.

There should also be enough refrigerant in the air conditioning unit. The refrigerant is what does the job of cooling the air. If there is not enough refrigerant then the air will remain warm or not cool enough. With not enough refrigerant, the air will be humid and more energy will be used up with little effect to your comfort.

Ductwork is another component of an air conditioner installation that will greatly affect the equipment’s performance. Leaking, damaged, and missing ducts must be repaired to ensure adequate performance.

It’s important that the equipment was sized correctly so that it provides your home with quality performance and does not experience an early breakdown. It’s essential that a professional measures your home correctly and does a load calculation to avoid any potential errors.

Check the airflow around your home. If you’re not getting a sufficient amount of airflow in areas of your home then there is something wrong. This problem could be related to the equipment sizing or ductwork. If some rooms are constantly too hot or too cold then there can be adjustments made to the vents or ducts which will improve this issue.

What brands charge for their AC units in Ontario

There are many brands to choose from when looking for a new air conditioner. Each of these have their own pros and cons, as well as their own price. You can talk to a professional about the needs of your family in terms of central cooling and they should be able to recommend a certain brand and model for you. Some popular air conditioner manufacturers and the average price for their units installed are listed below:

Air Conditioner Price

The purpose of an air conditioner warranty

When you have a new air conditioner installed it should come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty will cover anywhere between 5-10 years after the day it was purchased. An AC warranty covers the equipment and its parts. You may also get a warranty from the contractor who installed the unit which will cover labour for repairs and additional work. If you are renting an AC unit, all maintenance, repairs, parts and labour are often included in the rental price. You can choose to purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer which will include repairs for an extended period of time, the replacement of parts, and coverage from the manufacturer. Oftentimes these extended warranties are quite expensive, even more so than the cost of maintenance. You may find yourself in a predicament when you have a warranty as the warranty’s restrictions are strict and enforced, and you may have to pay for a repair despite having a warranty. The downside of warranties is that they don’t cover all circumstances and an unexpected repair can be expensive.


If you have any further questions regarding air conditioner price cost or any of your other HVAC needs, don’t hesitate to contact DeMark Home Ontario to find the answers you’re looking for. If you’re experiencing problems with your home’s existing cooling system and are looking for a replacement, we offer a variety of air conditioner rental, purchasing, and financing plans. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are more than prepared to assist you with any of your air conditioner problems. We provide efficient and quick air conditioner replacement done by our team of HVAC professionals. Give us a call at  1 (855) 998-2998 or fill out our online request form and we will be happy to assist you with your request.

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