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Energy Savings at Home ( Stove & Oven )

How to save on electricity, heating, cooling and water bills. Energy Savings at Home ( Stove & Oven )

There are a number of things you can do to save energy in every room of your home. Turning off the lights is always a good start to save energy and money. But, are you aware of other ways to reduce your energy bill even more?

The stove is another big energy guzzler. Here are some hot tips to help you save.


  • Use an electric kettle to boil water – not the stove, which is less efficient.
  • Generally, thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator before cooking, unless the label says otherwise.
  • If you put aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven to catch drippings, make sure the foil does not block any of the oven’s circulation holes and don’t put foil on the oven racks.
  • Turn off the oven just before finishing – the oven will remain hot long enough to complete the job.
  • Don’t use a bigger pot than you need, and match it to the right size element.
  • A general rule: for smaller cooking jobs, use smaller appliances (i.e., instead of your range or cooktop, use the electric kettle, toaster oven or microwave.)

Energy Facts

  • Microwave ovens use up to 75% less energy, so whenever possible, use a microwave instead of your stove or oven.

 More Great Energy Savings Tips :

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Save money on your Energy bills and decrease your air conditioner energy consumption in Toronto and area.

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Furnace repairs and costs rise as temperature drops in Ontario

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High Efficiency Air Conditioner
New High Efficiency Air Conditioner in Toronto and GTA. Bad Credit or No Credit-Air Conditioner Financing (Rental approval) Guaranteed.

High Efficiency Air Conditioner Rent to Own program is affordable, easy and completely worry-free. If

Air conditioner tips for the summer

Call a professional: Each central air conditioner unit should be inspected, cleaned and tuned by a 

Finally, an app that takes control of your electricity bill

Simplify energy and save money. Take control of your electricity bill with Powercents (Ontario Edition)

Upgrade & Save with Tankless Water Heater. Toronto, GTA

Upgrade and Save with Tankless Water Heater Tankless Water Heater (Endless hot water supply on demand)Because

High Efficiency Air Conditioner
High Efficiency Air Conditioner, Furnace, Water Heater – Rent to Own

Worry-Free Rent to Own High Efficiency Air Conditioner, Furnace and Hot Water Heater will keep your

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Get your furnace ready for the winter in Toronto and GTA

Preparing your furnace for the winter can be an essential part of your winter

Repair or Upgrade to High Efficiency Furnace in Toronto and GTA

Repair or Upgrade to High Efficiency Furnace. Don’t throw your money away Most likely If

How To Read Water Heater Serial Number

How old is my water heater ? How to read Water Heater Serial Number

Get Your Home “ENERGY READY” for Summer

Before it gets too warm, it's time to make sure you're ready for hot

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We will upgrade your venting pipes at no additional cost.

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